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Privacy Policy

TJ & SE Mercer Healthcare do not sell your data. In fact, if there was a way we could have you visit the site without submission of any data, we would prefer it that way. In order to use the Forum, you will have to become a paying member, which will mean collecting information sufficient only to register you as a member and to claim the payment. This is all handled by the Wix Apps. You will have to submit the relevant information to proceed with booking a service or signing up to an event, similarly to obtain access to the education programs. This is mandatory (through Wix) to ensure all protections are granted under law.


If you wish for the data to be deleted, or to know what data we hold about you, please contact or use the Contact Form (which only requires your email address as a mandatory point, so we can get back to you).


We don't plan any email campaigns so you are unlikely to receive any emails from us personally without having initiated contact. You may receive automated emails from Wix with regard to membership and payments, including receipts, which are legally necessary. If you have any concerns about the origin of an email that looks like it has come from us, please make further contact by (which is only accessed by the company directors)

This site uses Cookies, but again, we have made every effort to prevent this and the Cookie banner and widget contains the option to "Disable All" cookies so we don't collect or track. It may be that Wix, who are ultimately our hosts and data controllers, collect some information about who is browsing the site.

Our website is not intended for use by those under the age of 18 and we will take every effort to safeguard users against privacy issues including but not limited to the suspension of membership for users who are found to be under 18 or causing harm online.

If you have further privacy concerns or concerns regarding GDPR and your data, don't hesitate to get in touch.

TM, April 2023

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